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Zendesk Support Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More

ByJulie J. Helfer

May 18, 2022

Here it is, my second Zendesk review. Only this time we are diving into this platform as a customer service solution rather than an IT support software. Although this is a review of the same platform, these two uses are quite different.

The Zendesk IT Support exam focuses on managing issues related to your internal teams and IT needs, while this exam focuses on resolving customer issues, especially those related to your website. I wanted to rule this out before I got emails asking why I reviewed the same platform twice.

In some ways, working in customer service is like acting as a virtual firefighter. You continually pursue and eliminate customer issues before they spiral out of control and burn through your entire business.

That’s why it’s important to have a powerful tool at your fingertips that will help you develop your customer service skills and mitigate those small fires before they become major problems.

Who is Zendesk support for?

Based on features, usability, and price, Zendesk is a fantastic option for all types of users.

It’s not the cheapest solution, but judging by the quality of the platform, it’s worth it. Beginners will find it easy to learn all the features after watching a few Zendesk training videos, and experienced users will feel immediately at ease.

Zendesk is truly customer support software for almost anyone looking to deliver a quality customer service experience.

Zendesk Support features

Issue Tracking

  • Problem management: Zendesk lets you view, search, update, and interact with issue task tickets.
  • Email to ticket: Zendesk will convert issues and request email submissions into support tickets.
  • Request management: Similar to problem management, you can create, view, search, update, and interact with IT request task cards.

service desk

  • Self-service portal: End users can access their own support tickets to track the progress of the solution and check for outages and other updates.
  • Live chat: Manage all live chats with end users so you can provide quick solutions without depending on the formal ticket submission system.

Content management

  • Knowledge base management: Manage all support articles and release notes through Zendesk.


Additional Features

  • Authorization checks: Limit who can create, view, update, and delete information in your systems and asset lists.

The ease of use of Zendesk Support

Zendesk is a simple and fantastic solution to fight those customer service fires. Zendesk developers understand that teams using this platform prefer to spend their time dealing with customer issues rather than learning their software.

Everything about this platform is easy to use and understand, from the task management system to the reporting features.

Anything you need to add to Zendesk can be handled by the task tab creation system Image source: author

The support ticket management system tops my list of favorite Zendesk features. The developers have taken a page from the internet browser’s manual and created a system of task tabs at the top of the screen, allowing you to navigate and multitask through multiple problem screens without ever having to load a new one. Web page.

It’s this kind of innovation that sets Zendesk apart from other customer service software options.

Imagine how much easier navigating your software becomes when all you have to do is click on an already open problem tab without having to open multiple browser tabs, slowing down your computer (I’m looking at you, Google Chrome ).

Support for tickets via internal notes

Guide the progress of each support ticket with internal notes and public responses Image source: author

This user-friendly design is also reflected in other Zendesk features, such as reports. Zendesk manages reports through a separate tool included with all plans at Professional, Enterprise, and Elite pricing tiers.

When I didn’t have enough time and information to create my own reports and dashboards, I pulled some examples from Zendesk’s guides.

Zendesk Dashboard

Zendesk reports and dashboards are as simple and understandable as the rest of the platform Image source: author

Zendesk allows users to choose between pre-built dashboard templates and custom dashboards. This means you can opt for your own solutions or streamlined efficiency when creating your customer support reports.

I’ve seen a noticeable increase in report templates with many different software platforms, and I’m glad to see Zendesk following this trend.

Also, I love that Zendesk includes live chat and phone support options. All of this is handled through the platform as easily as you would send a Facebook message or make a phone call to your grandmother. These simple features improve the customer support experience by reducing it from hours to minutes.

Zendesk embodies simplicity and user-friendly experiences, without guessing or searching. Everything you need is easy to find and easy to use. If more software vendors emulated Zendesk’s design philosophy, we might be able to avoid some of the trainwrecks that plague software buyers.

Zendesk Support pricing

Zendesk’s pricing is typical for this type of software, especially given the long list of features it offers. I applaud the vendor for being transparent, as many competitors choose to hide their prices behind “consultation forms” and sales forms.

I’d rather not be forced into a vendor’s sales funnel until I’ve had a chance to price compare all of my options, and I’m sure other software buyers feel the same thing.

  • Support
    • Essential — $5/month, per user: Support ticket management, email support channels, social support channels, interaction history
    • Team — $19/month, per user: All previous features plus custom business rules, performance dashboards, apps and integrations
    • Professional — $49/month, per user: All previous features plus multilingual content, surveys, dashboards and reports provided by Zendesk Explore
    • Enterprise — $99/month, per user: All previous features plus multiple ticket forms, skills-based routing, contextual workspaces, satisfaction prediction, multi-brand support
    • Elite — $199/month, per user: All previous features plus unlimited agents, 1 hour service level objective, advanced encryption, choice of data center location
  • helpdesk
    • Professional — $89/month, per user: All previous features plus social messaging, live chat, knowledge base, agent workspaces, dashboards for each channel, Zendesk Talk, multiple ticket forms
    • Enterprise — $149/month, per user: All previous features plus roles and permissions, chat widget branding, 24/7 phone support, custom objects

Zendesk Support customer service

When it comes to customer support, Zendesk offers all the usual channels, including:

  • Support Articles
  • User Forums
  • Product Updates
  • Webinars
  • Email support
  • Live chat
  • 24/7 phone support for enterprise level users

I received mixed feedback regarding response times from Zendesk support. While it is of course impossible for any software team to provide instant support to all customers at all times, I recommend testing Zendesk’s support capabilities during your trial.

Benefits of Zendesk Support

Zendesk Customer Support offers many opportunities to answer your questions, including support articles, user forums, product updates, webinars, industry articles, email support, live chat and even 24/7 phone support for specific pricing tiers.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the speed of live support. However, when I tested the live chat feature, I received very quick responses to my questions and concerns.

Zendesk is better for customer support

As I’ve said before, I’ve reviewed Zendesk as IT support software before, and found it passes the bar, but there’s room for improvement. It lacked some of the asset management features and other functionality needed to make it a complete IT help desk solution.

However, Zendesk shines when rated for customer service. This is probably one of my top picks in this software category.