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Wallasey mental health podcaster starts men’s support group

ByJulie J. Helfer

Mar 24, 2022

A MAN from Wallasey started a peer-to-peer conversation support group to help local men talk about their mental health.

Tom Davies, 40, originally created his own mental health podcast, good mindin 2021 after struggling with his own mental well-being.

Since the success of his podcast, Tom has now launched his latest mental health project called Men Talk Wirral.

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Tom told the World“Many men want to talk but the spaces they have are not suitable.

“Whether it’s the pub or the five-a-side pitch, those aren’t necessarily the best places to open up.

“So following the podcast doing quite well, I wanted to use that platform to create something in the local community that could help with mental health.”

Men Talk Wirral is a weekly group for men to connect and talk about whatever they may be struggling with in what Tom describes as a “judgment-free safe space”.

Tom said: “The idea is that by coming together we can connect, share and hear each other as a community.

“This level of peer support can help deny any feelings of loneliness.

“It’s about being proactive about mental health rather than letting these things build up and take over.”

Globe Wirral:

Men Talk meets every Wednesday at the Bloom Building in Birkenhead and is a completely confidential and free support group.

Tom said: “A lot of men feel lonely and isolated like they’re the only one with bad moods, poor mental health or negative thoughts, but that’s just not the case.

“Men Talk is a space where all men can come together to talk, listen and discuss whatever they need and bring things out into the open.

“This is not a therapy service, and no one will offer misinformed judgment or advice, just friendship, support and a place to be heard.”

To learn more, visit @mentalkwirral.