• Thu. May 19th, 2022

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

ByJulie J. Helfer

Apr 8, 2022

Publication date:
April 08, 2022

Staff at University College London Hospitals recently had the privilege of meeting Barbara Fountain, founder of the global peer support group, Young Tongues. Barbara gave a presentation about her experience of having tongue cancer and how it led her to start the support group.

Barbara is a Norwich-based event designer who was unexpectedly diagnosed with tongue cancer aged 32. She underwent partial glossectomy with neck dissection and radial forearm flap in early 2019.

After her diagnosis, Barbara got support and help from charities such as Big C, Macmillan Cancer Support and Shine Cancer Support. However, when Barbara tried to connect with other young people with tongue cancer, she quickly realized how underrepresented and underserved her community was. Thus, at the beginning of 2021, she founded Young Tongues.

Through Young Tongues, Barbara has built a community that allows members to share their own personal experiences of tongue cancer diagnosis, treatment, living with and surviving. The group also reassures that young people with tongue cancer are not alone and that there is always someone to talk to.

You can find out more about Young Tongues on Instagram, Facebook and their website.