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Special Support Group for Parents: Support Group Organizes Walk for Autism in Kadri Park | Mangaluru News

ByJulie J. Helfer

Apr 26, 2022
Mangaluru: The Parent Support Task Force, in association with Mangalore Moms, organized an Autism Walk at Kadri Park on Sunday, as April is Autism Awareness Month.
Families came with their children and several volunteers joined the march to support the families.
Children, parents and supporters, all dressed in blue, held banners reading ‘Autism is awesome’, ‘I love someone with autism’, ‘Autism is a different ability, not a handicap”.
The organizers organized a face painting and nature painting session.
Through this march, the support group wanted to raise awareness for a better acceptance of autism in society in general.
Meena Noronha, founder of the Special Parents Support Group, said there is a need to bring special children to one place in town and to the fore so that they have more and equal opportunities, whether at school, in centers, events, workplaces, or society in general. Special children need to be integrated into society, she said.
“There is societal, emotional, mental and financial pressure on all parents of special children. They are reluctant to bring their loved ones out into the open, fearing ridicule and hardship due to non-acceptance by society. Therefore, a support system helps them build the strength to get through this journey,” Noronha said.