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SMART Recovery Meetings to Serve as a Support Group for Young Adults Struggling with Addictive Behaviors | News

Recovery for Redbirds at Illinois State University offers a self-help group through SMART Recovery meetings for people seeking to abstain from compulsive and addictive substances or behaviors.

SMART Recovery Meetings help and offer support for people struggling with alcohol, gambling, relationships, nicotine, pocket money, food, skin picking and more.

Jamie Laurson is the Alcohol and Other Drug Interventionist for Student Health Services and the Recovery Counselor for Redbirds. She said the meetings focus on supporting and listening to members as they work to refrain from counterproductive behaviors.

“As a facilitator, my main role is to provide structure to the group, ensuring that the purpose of the group is productive and consistent with SMART Recovery and that members are supported and have platforms to share and be heard” , Laurson said.

Serving as a supportive outlet, SMART Recovery is grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that have been shown to help those struggling with compulsive behaviors.

Jamie Laurson is the Alcohol and Other Drugs Advocate for Student Health Services and the Recovery Counselor for the Redbirds. Laurson also coordinates SMART recovery meetings.

“Students will learn tools that focus on improving and maintaining motivation to change compulsive behavior, cope with urges, manage thoughts, emotions and behaviors – such as problem solving – and live a life balanced,” Laurson said.

SMART Recovery Meetings are also discussion-based, allowing group members to help each other incorporate these tools into their daily lives while supporting each other to break down unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

Meetings are confidential and throughout each session the group discusses a privacy statement.

The names of the participants, the course of the meetings and the content of the meetings are not documented to guarantee confidentiality.

Individuals can only attend these meetings if they are seeking support for themselves, which creates a non-judgmental environment where members can be open and honest.

“In addition to learning tools that can be used daily and in the future, groups are useful for many reasons, including sharing experience and feeling heard, building perspective, ability to help others and ways to practice new behaviors in a safe setting, among others,” Laurson said.


SMART Recovery offers confidential services and meetings to help students struggling with addictive behaviors. Meetings will be held from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. every Monday in Room 314 of the Student Services Building.

In addition to learning skills to break compulsive and addictive behaviors, SMART Recovery serves as an outlet for individuals to come together and share their struggles that interfere with their daily lives, college classes, and mental health.

These meetings are open to ISU students, neighboring academic institutions, and other young residents of the community seeking help through a mutual support group, including peers on the same background as them. .

SMART Recovery Meetings will be held from 3:30-4:30 p.m. every Monday beginning January 10 in Room 314 of the Student Services Building.

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