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Siloam Wellness HIV Support Group uses a three-pronged approach to provide mental wellness support to HIV-positive patients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ByJulie J. Helfer

May 31, 2022

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – For over 26 years now, people living with HIV and AIDS and their caregivers have called Siloam Wellness – Mental Health For HIV their home. The organization is run by trained staff who care for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness to overcome disease. The stigma associated with HIV has a vast negative mental impact on the affected person. Often, the diagnosis leads to low self-esteem, avoidance of treatment, isolation from social activities, and the development of suicidal thoughts. Siloam Wellness – Mental Health For HIV embraces those infected and affected and helps them join support groups of like-minded people on the same path as them. When HIV-positive patients join the organisation, they are offered individual counselling, weekly trauma support and an HIV support group. Man Cave support sessions are also available to skillfully manage unique male issues.

One of the beneficiaries said this about the organization: “The staff are caring, empathetic, professional and the best people. The environment is warm and I feel at home here.

Siloam Wellness – Mental Health For HIV uses a three-pronged healing approach. The organization strongly believes that an individual’s body, mind, soul and spirituality must be whole and in sync to defeat disease. Individual counseling and weekly support sessions focus on mental well-being. When the diet is followed consistently, a remarkable improvement is noted in the mental health of the patient. Their self-esteem begins to recover, their attitude towards medication and healthy eating changes, and the organization notices better adherence to mental health protocols, medicine, and nutrition. Restoring self-esteem helps individuals expand their social circles and make friends easily. It helps them break free from the chains of isolation and depressive thoughts. Additionally, the strengthened mind gives individuals soft skills to solve problems creatively, communicate well, and stand firm in the face of stigma and discrimination.

The organization also targets healing the body through exercises such as tai chi, qigong, pilates, spiritual dance, yoga and meditation. They also run a Choice Food pantry, host healthy cooking classes, and offer Reiki services to boost the immune system. These lead to increased blood circulation, increased energy flow, decreased cramping, muscle relaxation and healthy satiety by eating healthy foods. This gives individuals a strong chance to fight suicidal and depressive thoughts and helps them improve their balance and concentration. Siloam Wellness – Mental Health For HIV also offers advice on spirituality and healthy living. The sessions are facilitated by a trained spiritual director who oversees the annual and monthly retreats. This allows those affected and infected to lead a quality life again.

Because of its commitment to social services, the organization won the 2022 Philadelphia Awards in the Social Services Organization category. The organization also organizes events in the community to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, such as basketball clinics. The donations they receive fund projects such as the Siloam Choice Food Pantry, which is stocked with healthy food choices for people in the program. Siloam is international and all groups and classes take place on Zoom as well as in person. This allows access from anywhere in the world.

To learn more about mental health support for HIV, visit their website or call (215) 765-6633 to speak with a customer representative. The organization is located at 850 N 11th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19123, USA.

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