• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Shaik Rasheed credits success to Laxman, support staff

India U-19 vice-captain says ‘we were lucky to have people like Kanitkar and Bahutule’

India U-19 vice-captain says ‘we were lucky to have people like Kanitkar and Bahutule’

“Hold a cricket bat, close your eyes, keep visualizing the bowlers you are likely to encounter on the cricket pitch, and practice shadowing.”

Vice-captain of India’s recent World Cup-winning Under-19 team in the West Indies, Shaik Rasheed, says that advice from cricketing great and now NCA manager VVS Laxman has made a huge difference for his batting in the semi-finals and the final.

hard times

“After the first league game I tested positive. There were too many negative thoughts. Was struggling to deal with the situation.

But, Mr. Laxman (who was with the Indian team during the World Cup) kept talking to all of us (the one who tested positive) during the quarantine every day and kept cheering,” Rasheed recalled in an exclusive conversation with
The Hindu .

“I have to say we were lucky to have such great support staff including Head Coach Hrishikesh Kanitkar and Bowling Coach Sairaj Bahutule. I even remember that Mr. Kanitkar told me: “We are not counting on you to score points. We would love to see you stay at the counter for as long as possible,” said 18-year-old Rasheed.

“I owe everything to my father. He never made me feel uncomfortable. Whatever I ask for, he has always provided me despite the financial problems,” Rasheed said.

“No. There was never any talk of quitting cricket because of my family’s financial difficulties. My dad and I always thought cricket was the way to go for us,” he said.

“I am forever grateful to ACA, J. Krishna Rao sir (Mangalagiri ACA Residential Academy), MSK sir and Bharat anna (wicket-drummer K. Srikar Bharat). They all made sure I didn’t miss anything as I pursued my passion in my early days,” the young cricketer said.

First priority

On his own stick, Rasheed said his first priority was to stay as long as possible and not think too much about individual goals. “For me, winning the team is always important,” he said.

After that ? “I hope to be part of the Ranji Trophy team as I have been called upon to join the state team preparations at Vizianagaram ACA Sports Complex. I look forward to doing well and continuing to score then , of course, to one day play for Indian seniors,” he said.