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School support group delivers $50,000 worth of supplies to primary schools – The Royal Gazette

ByJulie J. Helfer

Jan 19, 2022

Created: Jan 19, 2022 07:46

Support public schools and school supplies from Butterfield Bank donated to Elliot Primary School (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Public elementary schools received $25,000 worth of school supplies yesterday.

Support Public Schools, set up to buy and deliver school supplies for government primary schools, delivered half of its equipment worth $50,000 to schools in the central and eastern parishes.

Deliveries started at Elliot Primary in Devonshire and ended at St David’s Primary in St George’s.

Juliana Snelling, the founder of the public service group, said: “I would like to express my sincere and immense gratitude to our supporters, in particular the team at Butterfield Bank who have given so generously since our inception.

“We couldn’t have accomplished everything we’ve done over the past four years without our supporters wanting to make a big difference in the lives of so many students, teachers and families.

The organization will donate the rest of its school supplies today in the rest of the central parishes and in the West End.

Support Public Schools was launched in 2018 to raise funds for public primary school school supplies.

The group distributes pencils, manuals and other materials twice a year.

Teachers are encouraged to submit “wish lists” of resources needed for their classrooms.

AF Smith’s and Phoenix Group, SPS’s retail suppliers, offer the school supplies at a reduced price and various sponsors, including Butterfield Bank, purchase the equipment on behalf of the schools.

Ms Snelling said the bank had bought $25,000 worth of school supplies every year for the past three years.

She added that it was vital for the island’s private sector to rally around schools to help the education department deliver supplies to children.

Ms Snelling said: ‘We cannot sit back and expect the department to step in alone to solve the problem, when the government is struggling to provide financial assistance to many families left penniless by the crisis. health, while having to spend millions on schools. infrastructure in trouble.

She added, “We must all recognize that improving the quality of education in public schools is an urgent national imperative that must be addressed holistically, recognizing that it takes the whole community to properly educate a child.

Ms Snelling said: ‘We cannot deny the major gap between financial resources and opportunities available to pupils in public and private schools, even in good times.

“With the severe economic hardship suffered by many even before the pandemic, a growing number of parents are grappling with the cost of basic school supplies for their children.”

Butterfield Bank chief executive Michael Neff called on other business players to get involved.

He said, “Investing in education and empowering students in Bermuda to achieve their aspirations is something Butterfield is committed to doing.

“The next generation is made up of the leaders of tomorrow and we are proud to have been able to bring resources directly and meet the needs of teachers. »

Kalmar Richards, the education commissioner, thanked everyone involved in the donations.

She added: “We very much appreciate each sponsor and their extremely generous donations which will enable our elementary students and their schools to receive additional resources.”

“Thank you, on behalf of our students, staff and parents, to all the supporters responsible for this week’s winter delivery.

“We congratulate you all for answering the call of this wonderful and impactful community action initiative led by SPS – Support Public Schools.”

Supporting Public Schools and Butterfield Bank deliver supplies to Elliot Primary (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)