• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

Salary Increases Approved for Sioux City School District Teachers and Support Staff | Education

SIOUX CITY — Sioux City School District teachers and support staff will receive a pay raise for the 2021-22 school year.

Sioux City Community School has agreements with the Sioux City Education Association (SCEA) and the Sioux City Educational Support Personnel Association (SCESPA). Both agreements were approved at the Monday evening school board meeting.

The SCEA represents approximately 800 teachers. SCESPA represents other workers such as secretaries, teaching assistants, special education assistants, library assistants, bus attendants and school crossing guards.

Teachers with a bachelor’s degree will see a salary increase of $540 and the teacher’s supplemental salary will increase by $11. The starting salary for a first-grade teacher in Sioux City will be $43,191. Currently, a first-grade teacher in Sioux City earns $42,640, human resources department director Rita Vannatta previously said.

All current educational support staff will receive an increase of 44 cents per hour, an increase of 2.87%. The minimum base salary will receive an increase of 22 cents.

Including salaries and benefits, the total package increase is 2.41% for both groups.

In addition, language changes have been made with each agreement. The name of the Grade 6 Group and Vocal Music Director was changed to Assistant Middle Group Director and Assistant Middle Vocal Music Director. The classifications of 1, 2 and 3 of the base classes have also been removed.

Council member Dan Greenwell said the council wanted an even higher starting salary for educational support staff to be recruited. He said that hasn’t happened and is something that should be addressed in the years to come.

In its initial February 4 proposal, the SCEA requested salary increases totaling nearly $5 million, which included a base salary increase of $1,466, a $400 increase for veteran teachers and a one-time payment. $1,200 “surcharge” to all instructors. for additional tasks related to the coronavirus pandemic. The veteran increase and one-time payment were not discussed at the Monday evening meeting.