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Resources, support group available on autism issues in the county

ByJulie J. Helfer

Mar 7, 2022

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Texas County residents are invited to join a group to learn more about autism and share help and support with those in need.

“Texas County Autism Connection Get-Together” is at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 22 at the Wellspring Church at 6659 US 63 in Houston.

Organizers say the setting is laid-back. Families, individuals and caregivers are invited to share time together by connecting. People can bring a snack to share, a deck of cards or a board game – or just yourself. For additional information, check out Facebook, “Texas County Autism Connection.”

The hope is that a schedule can be established with in-person meetings every three months and a Zoom meeting each of the two months in between.

An organization associated with the University of Missouri-Columbia — ECHO Autism Communities — has many resources to help communities support families, such as a guide for salons and hair salons on how difficult it is to experience a haircut with an autistic person. (https://showmeecho.org/clinics/autism/)

Texas County Memorial Hospital physician Dr. William Wright is the local ECHO Autism Certified Provider. This means he can not only diagnose autism, but has additional training to support individuals and families with general health issues and can refer to additional medical support in and near the county.

Another resource is Cynthia Ramsey, who as a family advocate has connections to countless clinicians and service providers across the state who can help provide information, answer questions, and connect families to services. “If there’s anything I can share or point out to you, I’d be happy to,” she said. Her email address is [email protected]