• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

Raghu Dixit leads mental health support group for COVID victims | News from the movie Kannada

The severity of the second wave of the pandemic and the resulting deaths in the state and country rocked the nation and how. Much of the population is currently battling the virus or caring for a loved one who, or in other cases, mourning the death of someone who has died from it. There is a lot of stress, grief, anxiety, and depression associated with it, which have become focal points requiring special attention. Musician Raghu Dixit, who in the past has spoken about his own struggles with mental health issues, acknowledges this and has worked with a group of dedicated volunteers to help families in need not only obtain resources for COVID patients. , but also tried to lend an ear to those who are in mental anguish. “It all started when I posted a message asking if anyone wanted to let off steam and that I would be there for them. Among those who responded, of which there were many, was one person who asked me if I could provide mental health support in Kannada. This led me to look for someone who could participate, ”he says.

Raghu then teamed up with his former bandmate Gaurav Vaz to form a group of mental health professionals who could volunteer and offer their services a few hours a day to hear grievances and provide some form of support and counseling. . “We have already found around 20 people who speak and advise in Kannada. We are now looking to bring the resource pool together on a site that people will soon have access to, ”Raghu shares.

As for her own sanity, Raghu says, “Fortunately, I got myself a pet named Chikki just before the start of the second wave and it has been a wonderful time with her.” Raghu also adds that he has taken a step back from his music for quite some time. “With everything going on, it doesn’t seem right to work on the music. I decided to devote all of my time to helping people to the best of my ability, ”he shares.