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Purely Inspired Superfood Powder Immune Support Review

ByJulie J. Helfer

Oct 8, 2021

During cold and flu season – and year round, really – I try taking vitamin C pills in addition to an antioxidant-rich diet to boost my immune health. I was intrigued when I received Purely Inspired Healthy Beets + Superfood Powder ($ 15) because of its immune support ingredients. There is both vitamin C and zinc – about 100 percent of everyone’s daily value per tablespoon – as well as red spinach extract touted as aiding in the production of nitric oxide, which is important for overall health. (Taking nitric oxide supplements can increase blood flow and lower blood pressure, among other things.)

Beet juice also increases nitric oxide production and can improve cardiorespiratory endurance. Full Disclosure: I was only interested in trying the powder for the benefit of my immune system, keeping in mind that there are other ways to help the immune system function to the best of its ability.

The powder is sweetened with stevia leaf extract and other ingredients listed include guar gum and soluble fiber maltodextrin. The latter may not be ideal for people with diabetes or insulin resistance or for those at risk of developing an autoimmune or digestive disorder. Although the directions recommend taking it twice a day (two scoops in total), I only stick with one scoop in a single smoothie, as I also aim to get vitamin C from foods that I eat.

You can find the full Nutrition Facts label ahead of time. As always, see your doctor if you are concerned about including any form of supplement in your diet.

Nutritional Information for Purely Inspired Healthy Beets + Superfood Powder

I have added this powder to my morning smoothies several times a week or in post-workout protein shakes; they usually feature an assortment of frozen berries which I think mix well with the powder. Despite being advertised as “tasteless”, I notice a bit of beet flavor in my smoothies which enhances the berry benefits. It gives my drinks a deliciously bright red-purple color, and who doesn’t love to sip a vibrant smoothie that they made themselves ?!

While I can’t say my immune system has skyrocketed – I caught a cold (and, yes, I was negative for COVID-19) that has lasted for several days since I started it. adding to my smoothies over a month ago – I’m a sure fan of how it blends into what I drink. Plus, I would definitely give it a gold star for taste.

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Pure Inspired Healthy Beets + Superfood Powder

Pure Inspired Healthy Beets + Superfood Powder

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