• Thu. May 19th, 2022

PGI faculty asns demand recruitment of support staff | Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: The PGI faculty associations have submitted a representation to the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare regarding the manpower shortage and lack of office space. The minister came to PGI on Sunday but was unable to meet with members of the teachers’ association due to lack of time.
“The institute is growing, but there is a lack of support staff to lead occupational therapists. Some 500 junior and senior residents are missing who need to be appointed. These have not been provided since the start of the pandemic, ”said a professor.
He added: “About four years ago, around 250 professors were recruited, but it took more residents to help them. Residents are the backbone of the institute, working around the clock in an emergency. ”
The Faculty Association, headed by President Prof JS Thakur, is conducting a survey to obtain a database on the shortage and office needs for faculty.
The representation said: “Although the institute’s faculty has grown to meet the demands of an increasing number of patients visiting the institute, the institute has not increased proportionately in terms of infrastructure and staff. Support. This results in sub-optimal staff functioning due to the lack of office space, housing, sufficient occupational therapy tables, etc.
The association also demanded the establishment of a hospital dedicated to infectious diseases, a new OT complex, advanced research laboratories as well as qualified technical staff.
“There is not enough housing and offices for young teachers. This is one of the claims that have been pending for a few years. A committee has been set up and assurance has been given for the allocation of office space to the faculty. If we are striving for basic amenities, how can we meet world class standards for patient care? Said a faculty.
The letter to the Minister stated: “The issue of rotating leadership to develop leadership and equal opportunities for senior professors has also been pending for a long time. For an outstanding performance of any institute, it takes a good faculty. A good entry-level salary package can attract the best minds and prevent brain drain. The downgrade of remuneration to entry level and the difference between the base remuneration of medical and non-medical professors, which occurred during the implementation of the 7th remuneration committee, is affecting the morale of the faculty . The implementation of the transport allowance is also on hold.