• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

Parents from Indian lands adopt teachers and support staff to show appreciation as pandemic continues

INDIAN LAND, SC (WBTV) – The school year in South Carolina is off to a good start with just over a month and a half on the books.

For 18 months, between masks, quarantines and virtual learning, teachers and support staff have been faced with difficult teaching conditions. This is why a group, on Indian soil, intervenes to show a little appreciation.

A group of parents came together to help teachers and school support staff at six schools in the area feel appreciated.

Many people have heard of adopting an elderly person. The concept is the same, but this time it’s about adopting a teacher and accompanying a staff member.

The idea of ​​the group is to adopt a teacher or a member of the school support staff to give them gifts.

These are random acts of kindness that will help brighten their days during this difficult time. These gifts could be gift cards, a favorite snack, or even items for the class.

Amelia Old and Bridgette West also lead the group and the Facebook page. It all started when Old came up with the idea of ​​liking him and involved West to help him deal with it.

West told WBTV that they wanted to launch this idea of ​​course because of the pandemic, but also because the start of the school year for Indian Land has been difficult.

There was a severe shortage of bus drivers, hundreds of students and some teachers were quarantined in the first week of school and the major traffic jams resulted in frustration for everyone.

West says these adoptions can help teachers and support staff feel valued and stay focused on the good.

“There was so much going on that the band started to create a little slice of joy,” West said. “Because there was so much you knew about negativity in general. “

During the pandemic, many parents were divided over the question of the mask or whether their children should do in-person or virtual learning.

One thing they weren’t divided over was their appreciation for the teachers and support staff who continued to teach and care for their children during these trying times.

The co-administrators garnered the support of over 800 people in just one month and now the teachers and support staff at all schools in the Indian Lands region are feeling the love.

“Our teachers worked harder than they ever worked. In the past 18 months, they’ve done more than their job has ever asked them before, ”said Allyson Fore, a parent who adopted teachers.

As soon as it was announced, Fore jumped at the chance to give back to their teachers. She now has five adoptees.

“I really want our teachers to feel appreciated and taken care of and it makes me happy that I played a small part in that,” Fore said.

Fore bought everything from snacks to bottles of wine.

Other parents have done something similar.

There have been Chick-fil-a gift cards, fall themed baskets and more for teachers and staff.

Fore said the whirlwind of emotions running through their faces was all she needed.

“The first is the surprise, then it’s just the joy that their day was brightened up,” Fore said. “It’s just to let them know that we care and appreciate them.

This care and appreciation is the reason Old and West decided to create the band in the first place.

“Before they leave home, these teachers and staff are people first and they go about their own business. Then they come to the school to try to teach our students the best they can, ”West said.

West said they recognized that there had been so much division and sometimes negativity when it came to protecting students in classrooms, but what was beautiful for them was seeing it all. the world coming together for a common goal.

“We wanted to have something that people could feel good about,” West said. “So it was really a way to bring a simple act of joy to a random little act of kindness.”

There have already been around 100 teachers and school support staff have already helped.

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