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NYC moms who met through pandemic support group pivot to urgent action in Ukraine

ByJulie J. Helfer

Apr 5, 2022

NEW YORK , April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Last month, at a dinner in New York Citya group of sixteen new mums were spending time together in person, talking about their struggles, their exuberant times, their challenges, their fears – and they decided to make a real difference for those struggling with so much more, so far away .

Before dinner was over, it was decided – the group would form “Moms for a Cause” to increase support for Ukrainian families. Quickly, they teamed up with the Ukrainian Institute of America to organize an upcoming gala, An Evening for Ukraine.

Everything happens on April 12 in the beautiful historic mansion that houses the Ukrainian Institute of America on East 79th Street. Attendees can expect an upscale cocktail party, fundraiser and auction, with live entertainment showcasing the beautiful culture of Ukraine. All proceeds from this highly anticipated event will go to Razom’s work to support displaced families, provide medical supplies and other humanitarian relief on the ground. Razom is a 501c3 with all-volunteer Ukrainian staff.

Who are these influential people behind Moms For A Cause and this important event? Although they only recently started meeting in person, they have relied on each other for emotional support for two years now, part of a larger group of more than 200 women from all the city. They first met virtually – when they were either new mums or going through their pregnancies, feeling incredibly isolated, at the height of the pandemic. Instead of meeting in community centers, restaurants or salons, they found each other on WhatsApp.

“The past two years have been tough on everyone, but for new mums who may already feel isolated, the impact of the pandemic has been particularly acute,” said one of the group’s founding members. “During this time, I joined a group of moms in New York who connected on WhatsApp. As we explored the universal experiences of parenthood, we bonded with other women we had never met. We started sharing parenting tips and, as the world slowly opened up, started planning COVID-aware play dates and getting together for mom’s nights.”

Over time, the scope of the group’s conversation has changed beyond just parenting advice.

“Several mums have started to rally around the issues affecting mums in the city, seeing that together we can have a real impact together.” Then, after the invasion of Ukrainethey realized they had the power to make a difference beyond the streets of new York.

“So we started NYC Moms for a Cause. We saw the critical need to help families in crisis. While several members of the group have personal ties to Ukrainemany of us have come to recognize the universal need for safety and security for our children.”

Buy tickets and bid on items at: www.momsforacause.com.

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