• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Mooresville School Board Approves Teacher Appreciation Grant and Support Staff Allowance

MOORESVILLE — Schools in Mooresville have received a 2021 Teacher Appreciation Grant in the amount of $160,164.34 from the State of Indiana to distribute to teachers in the district.

The grant will be split between teachers who have been rated “highly effective” and “effective,” with a one-time allocation of $738.50 for highly effective teachers and $590.56.

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“State law requires a 25 percent difference in the distribution of salaries between teachers rated as highly effective and teachers rated as effective,” Associate Superintendent Dr. Jake Allen said. “As we have done previously, we are seeking board approval to make the difference of $147.94 to teachers deemed effective.”

Allen cited a “lack of local control over the evaluation process” as the reason for paying the stipend difference, giving all qualified teachers an equal amount of $738.50, regardless of grade. the state.

A similar stipend of the same amount was also approved for all new teachers who were not covered by the grant, as well as for all principals and administrators. The money will be taken from the education fund for an amount not to exceed $80,000.

The board also approved an appreciation allowance in the amount of $350 for all support staff and temporary contract staff. The education fund will be used for an amount not to exceed $120,000 for this stipend.

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“It will be an appreciation stipend for all of our support staff,” Allen said.

The allowances will all be paid before Christmas.

New radio system

The board also unanimously approved raising $250,000 from the 2022 Rainy Day Fund budget to be used to purchase a new district-wide radio system. The district previously used Kenwood as a supplier, but will switch to Motorola due to issues with Kenwood radios.

“It’s very necessary, for the safety of our bus drivers, all the children and our schools,” board member Tim Cummins said of the switch. “We need to.”

An additional $350,000 from the Rainy Day Fund budget was approved to purchase strength and conditioning equipment for the clubhouse weight room.

Later in the meeting, the board approved a contract with ERS Wireless.

“Equipment includes radios, bus radios, towers, transmitters, works,” Allen said. “We believe the Motorola system is one of the best available and will provide district personnel with reliable methods of communication.”

The board unanimously approved a contract with Matrix Integrations for district data storage, as the district’s current storage system will reach end of life in October 2022.

In other news

The district attempted to purchase a property at 12680 N. Jackson St., Camby, near North Madison Elementary, and at Tuesday night’s meeting the council approved a resolution to purchase the property.

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The board also unanimously approved a non-standard waiver request through the Indiana Department of Education to offer a sports officiating course.

“This course will provide a pathway into the sports of officiating,” said Assistant Superintendent Holly Frye. “Through this course, students will develop communication management and leadership skills…how to handle stressful situations and how to work with others.”

The course will also cover rules for the following sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer, Wrestling, Softball, Unified Football, Unified Track, and Unified Track and Field.

“The plan is to allow students to have the opportunity to officiate sporting events in the surrounding area,” Frye said.

Students will also have to pass refereeing exams in order to be able to referee.

“We’ve been working on this for several years,” Superintendent Randy Taylor noted. “Not many young people are getting into refereeing. We believe this will encourage other schools to start doing so.”

The board then authorized a public comment opportunity for the ESSER III “in-person instruction plan”, during which there were no comments. Information about the plan can be found on the school’s website under the “Board” tab and the “School Finances” tab.

At the end of the meeting, Taylor took the opportunity to thank the members of the administration who attended the meeting.

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“Thank you for being here,” Taylor said. “Few school systems can say they have 100% support from their principals. We appreciate you being here.”

Council members wished everyone a safe and happy holiday season, while Council Chairman Dr Bill Roberson reminded attendees to “remember the reason for the season”.

The next board meeting will be January 11 at the Education Center, 11 W. Carlisle St, Mooresville.

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