• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

Looming strikes for support staff in two Manitoba school divisions


Support staff from two school divisions across the province are preparing to strike.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) said teacher assistants, janitors, school librarians and secretaries in the Lord Selkirk School Division are preparing for the strike along with about 21 school division guards and cleaners of Rolling River.

Karen Sinnock, president of CUPE 1522, which represents Lord Selkirk workers, said support staff kept children safe during the pandemic.

“Parents and the community know these workers are valuable, but the school board refuses to recognize these employees,” she said in a statement.

Kevin Jay, president of CUPE 1630, which represents the Rolling River staff, said wardens and cleaners deserve more.

“The staff at Rolling River feel disrespectful, underestimated and feel they deserve nothing less than many other teachers and support staff in the Manitoba School Division have received at the bargaining table,” he said. he said in a press release.

Both groups of employees say they want the same four-year contract Manitoba teachers received.

Strike warrants have been received by both CUPE 1522 and CUPE 1630 and work actions are being prepared.

The Rolling River School Division told CTV News it was aware of the strike mandate, adding that it “hopes we can continue to negotiate to reach a settlement.”

CTV News has contacted the Lord Selkirk School Division for comment and is awaiting a response.