• Sat. May 14th, 2022

Lenape Regional BoE approves five-year contract for district support staff – Trentonian

ByJulie J. Helfer

Apr 30, 2022

SHAMONG – At the April 27 meeting, the Lenape Regional School District (LRHSD) School Board unanimously approved a five-year employment contract with the Lenape District Support Staff Association (LDSSA) . LDSSA members – district bus drivers, mechanics, and janitorial and maintenance staff – ratified the contract after a few meetings with school board and LRHSD administrative officials.

“On behalf of the school board, I am honored to recognize and thank our support staff for their hard work, especially over the past few years,” said Steven H. Lee, LRHSD Board Chair. “The new contract reflects the desire of the LDSSA and the board to work together and our shared commitment to the students, families and communities we serve.”

The five-year contract, from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2027, includes an average salary increase of 3.35% for the first four years and 3.40% in the fifth year. According to LRHSD Director of Personnel Paige MacGregor, the salary increase matches the average increase in recently completed school contracts in Burlington County. The district also adjusted the bus driver salary guide to make it more competitive in southern New Jersey.

“Our support staff are not only valued district employees, they are also part of our community,” said MacGregor. “Individually and as a group, Lenape’s regional bus drivers, mechanics, and custodial and maintenance staff help keep this district running and our facilities clean and safe. They earn and deserve stable jobs with a pension, benefits and a great work environment, a hallmark of the Lenape Regional District.

LDSSA President Marijean Andl echoed MacGregor’s praise for the support staff. “We are important and vital to the district and the community,” Andl said. “We participate in many community events. We care deeply about our students, our jobs and the school staff. This was reflected in how we communicated and worked with the district to get this contract done.

Andl called the meetings between the association and the district a collaborative one, crediting MacGregor for putting in a lot of time and doing a great job throughout the process. “We had open and honest discussions and considered everyone’s needs and perspectives to come to an agreement that worked best for everyone, balanced with the needs of the community,” Andl added. “Our members are extremely happy with the new contract.”