• Thu. May 19th, 2022

‘Halloween Ends’ set photo shows the film’s final female backing band

ByJulie J. Helfer

Feb 10, 2022

A brand new Halloween ends the photo of the set was shared by Jamie Lee Curtis today, which warns that “all bets are off” next October. But in the meantime, she wants you to enjoy a cute little shot of Haddonfield’s “Final Girl Support Group,” consisting of Curtis’ Laurie Strode, Andi Matichakis Allyson Strode, and Kyle Richardsis Lindsey Wallace.

The three are wearing “Final Girl” t-shirts in this latest one. Halloween ends set photo, with Curtis also sharing a photo from Grady Hendrix’s slasher book, The Last Girls Support Group.

A fitting book for this particular trio, to say the least. But will the three characters still be alive at the end of Halloween ends? Well, as Curtis notes, “all bets are off” at this point…

The latest movie in David Gordon GreenThe trilogy of is dated October 14, 2022.

David Gordon Green recently teased that there will be a four-year time jump from the events of Kill to the events of Endsand it is said to be more “intimate” and “contained”.

We don’t have any plot information yet, but the end of halloween kills builds toward the final showdown between Laurie and Michael, a battle that will likely take center stage in the trilogy’s final installment. Last year’s film ended with Michael (apparently) ending Karen Strode’s life, so the fight between hero and villain is more personal than ever.

wait more Halloween ends soon teasers. Stay tuned.