• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Geneva D-304 lays off 23 teachers, support staff – Shaw Local

ByJulie J. Helfer

Apr 13, 2022

GENEVA – The Geneva District 304 School Board approved on April 11 the dismissal of teachers and support staff by May 31 for the 2022-23 school year based on the district’s projected staffing needs, have officials said.

School districts routinely lay off staff at the end of a school year in preparation for the needs of the following school year, according to an agenda memo from Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources Adam Law.

“Taking such action at this time in the school year protects the school district from employing individuals whose services may not be required next year,” Law’s memo said. “Taking this step also provides our administrators with greater flexibility in creating a staffing plan that accommodates changes in student enrollment and/or student course selection patterns.

When staffing needs for the new school year are better known, the district could potentially re-employ those laid off, according to Law’s memo.

Seven teaching assistants have been made redundant – Gabriela Escamilla, class assistant at Collège Genève Nord; Christine Todd, class assistant at Harrison Street School; kindergarten assistants Kari Bracey, Alexandra Pease and Jane Runyan at Heartland, Western and Harrison Elementary Schools, respectively; and special education assistants Colleen Krohe and Amy Romero at Fabyan and Harrison Elementary Schools, respectively.

Two part-time Geneva high school teachers, Jean Corkery of Project Lead the Way and Jessica Lehan, a Spanish teacher, were also fired. Their names were inadvertently omitted at a previous meeting to fire part-time teachers, Law said.

At the March 14 school council meeting, two full-time non-tenured teachers, James Perrone, physics teacher at Geneva high school, and Caitlyn Smith, music teacher at Geneva North college, were fired.

At the March 14 meeting, 12 part-time teachers were also fired.

These teachers were two speech therapists, Brienna Arges and Laura Krueger from the Geneva Early Learning Program and Geneva College psychologist Lindsey Brill, German teacher Karen Kosog and French teacher Courtenay Shroff. The part-time high school teachers fired were French teacher Pamela Cabeen, science teacher Erin Cosky, English teacher Zenna Daker and math teacher Shannon Madden.

Pamela Cabeen, a retired French teacher, is the wife of council member Larry Cabeen. She was hired late last year when the former high school French teacher quit.

Jennifer Elsebaie, art teacher at Fabyan Elementary, and Linda Zulkowski, student assistance coordinator, and Jade Magiera, psychologist at Harrison Street School, were also fired.