• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Dawson County School Board Recognizes Longtime Employees, Support Staff and Outgoing Board Chair

At the February 8 meeting of the Dawson County School Board, board members took the time to recognize dozens of school system employees for their years of service, student services support staff and outgoing board chair, Elaine Wilson.

Board members recognized staff members from each school who served in the Dawson County school system for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. Each educator in attendance was announced by their respective director, received a recognition pin for their years of service to the district, and council members shook their hands and thanked them for their hard work in making the district what ‘It is.

“It is an absolute pleasure to work alongside most of the educators in Dawson County; we are so lucky,” Kilough Primary School principal Teresa Conowal said during the introductions.

In addition to recognizing the teachers and staff at each school, board members also recognized the bus drivers, maintenance workers and central office staff who have been part of the school system for 5, 10, 15 , 20, 25 or 30, presenting them with pins, shaking their hands and thanking them for their hard work.

The council also recognized student services support staff, including counselors at each school, school social workers and the homeless liaison.

“We are proud to recognize our Dawson County Schools Student Support Team; this group helps students examine their abilities, strengths, interests and talents,” Deputy Superintendent of HR and Operations Herschel Bennett said at the meeting. “They partner with parents, they focus on positive ways to enhance the social, personal, educational and professional development of students, they work with teachers and other educators to provide an education system where students can achieve their potential and set healthy, realistic and altruistic goals.”

Bennett called each of the Student Services support staff present at the meeting, thanking them each for their service to the district. They then shook hands with each member of the council, who also expressed their gratitude to the student support staff.

“The comprehensive school counselor program helps increase student achievement and provides needed resources for students, parents, teachers and administrators,” Bennett said. “These people are very important to the success of our schools and they all have very specialist areas, but if we know one thing it’s that they look after children.”

Board members also took a moment to thank and acknowledge outgoing Board Chair, Elaine Wilson, for her hard work as Chair over the past two years. In January 2022, board member Doris Cook was elected by the other board members to serve as board chair for the year, and Wilson now sits on the board. administration as a member.

“I just wanted to say a few good things about Elaine Wilson; she has been our president for the past two years and she is a blessing to all of us and we love her very much,” Cook said. “I know she doesn’t do it for the gifts or the recognition.”

Council members presented Wilson with flowers, and teachers and other members of the public present at the meeting stood to applaud.

“We thank you for the investment you have made in us, we thank you for your involvement in our school system and our community, we thank you for your encouragement as a board over the past two years, and we thank you of your commitment to not only the board, but also the teachers and staff and, most importantly, the children of this system,” Cook told Wilson during the meeting.