• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Conestoga Valley School Board Discusses Support Staff and Supply Teacher Shortage | News

When: Conestoga Valley School Board meeting on November 15 at Brownstown Elementary School, with board members Dana Mead, Kesha Morant Williams and Lisa Whitacre absent and Diane Martin in attendance.

What happened: The head of the teachers’ union raised concerns about support staff and the shortage of substitute teachers. “Since contracting out to Lancaster School Operations Services, we have had a hard time filling the positions and retaining the right employees,” said Tara Flick, President of the Conestoga Valley Education Association and high school biology teacher. .

Fund: The district outsourced support staff positions in 2015. Flick went on to say that special education students have been hit the hardest by the shortage.

Quote: “We’ve made some big changes to our special education program by bringing some special education students back to CV from alternative placements. We believe this is a positive decision for our students, however, we are not fully staffed for this change, ”said Flick. “We ask you to take a close look at this situation.”

District response: Superintendent Dave Zuilkoski said by phone on Nov. 16 that the administration would continue to work with the CVEA. He said, “There are shortages all over the county, whether the districts are contracting out or hiring their own.” He said CV prioritizes its covers, so the most vulnerable populations receive the most support.

Mask extension request: Flick thanked the board for continuing the mask’s tenure. She called for the district to extend the mandate by at least two weeks in January to give children between the ages of 5 and 11 time to get vaccinated. It would also provide protection after vacation reunions, she said.

Public comment: Resident Malerie Ainge complained about a roof leak in Brownstown and expressed concern that students were wasting teaching time in Brownstown while their classmates left the classroom for a program called the Bible Adventures. Zuilkoski said he would investigate the leak. He added that CV has yet to complete the construction contract in Brownstown. When it comes to biblical adventures, the state imposes release time for religious programming. However, Brownstown principal Andy Graybill will continue to work with teachers to provide acceleration or correction for other students during this time, Zuilkoski said.

Nomination team report: Martin presented the list of board members for 2022. Idette Groff has been named president and Michael Talley has been named vice president.

And after: The board will vote on the list at the December 6 meeting. Three newly elected board members, Dianna Wiley Capka, Kathy Trowbridge and Philip Hurst will take office at that time.

– Anne Garber, for NLP | Lancaster Online