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Cancer Support Group calls for new premises

ByJulie J. Helfer

Feb 4, 2022

Liam Kelly with Frances McNulty of the Tallaght Cancer Support Group and Audrey Hillary

The Tallaght Cancer Support Group (TCSG) is appealing for new premises at the Tallaght center so that it can continue to provide its ‘essential service’ to people in the community affected by cancer.

Previously based at Trustus House in the village of Tallaght, the charity was established in 2007 and provides support to all cancer patients, their families and friends through a variety of services.

The group had to move from their old space at Trustus House last April, as Trustus needed the rooms used by the support group to be able to carry out their work while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

TCSG now have storage space in Glenview, but they want to find new premises to rent in central Tallaght where they can create the same welcoming atmosphere they fostered in their old location.

Frances McNulty of TCSG told The Echo: “People loved coming to see us at Trustus, talking to like-minded people and talking openly about cancer.

“Some people came because they wanted to talk openly to someone who wouldn’t judge them.

“Some of them would have gone to chemo appointments and come to see us while their blood was being tested.

“There was a nice feeling to Trustus. We put our own stamp on it and had our own furniture and paintings.

outside the vital

social outlet the service provides for those affected by cancer, TCSG also offers holistic counseling and services, such as reiki and acupuncture, to help those undergoing treatment.

These services have been offered remotely since the start of the pandemic, but the group hopes to return to offering in-person support at new locations, five days a week.

“We need a place where we can put our identity there,” Ms McNulty explained. “We have beautiful photos and everything.

“We pay rent, and we are very happy to pay rent, even though we are a registered charity and all our services are free, we do everything voluntarily.”

According to Ms McNulty, having a location in central Tallaght is essential as it would be easy to find and more accessible for people across the county who attend TCSG services.

Some clients come from areas outside Tallaght, such as Knocklyon and Sandyford, and the group has bookmarks which some hospitals give to cancer patients to inform them of the group’s services.

While the group supports those undergoing cancer treatment and their loved ones, it also offers support at other times of testing for people recovering from the disease.

“When you’ve had your treatment and you’re done with the hospital, and the surgeon says, ‘See you in six months or in a year’, sometimes people don’t know who to turn to after that, so they come to us for information,” Ms McNulty said.

“We believe the Tallaght Cancer Support Group is an essential service and it is.”

For more details visit the Tallaght Cancer Support Group Facebook page.

Ms McNulty also called on anyone who might have a suitable space to rent to contact her on 086 400 2736 or email [email protected]

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