• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

Canarsie Church and community support group help Haitian refugees gain a foothold in Brooklyn

As he adjusts to a new life that began in America just a few weeks ago, refugee Maxime François said he has struggled particularly with the English language. After doing the trek from South America and entering the United States via Del Rio, Texas.

But luckily, Francis and other asylum seekers can work on their language skills, along with meeting other needs, at a Brooklyn church that has served as a reception center for newcomers.

“Every time we come here, they welcome us. We got clothes, we had visits to the doctor, ”François said, speaking in Creole through a translator, at the reception center of the Baptist Church in Beraca on October 22. He was surrounded by his wife Nachtachie François, who, like Maxime, is in her 20s. Maxime held his daughter Maximayela, a toddler, in his arms.

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