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Campus support staff advisory committee highlights ADDL technician Jacob Seay

Friday, December 10, 2021

Meet Jacob Seay, toxicology technician at the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. Jacob is also a member of the Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee (CSSAC), which recently recognized him in the Member Spotlight newsletter of the Campus Connection newsletter, highlighting his work with ADDL and his service on the committee.

A native of Lake Station in northwest Indiana, Jacob came to Purdue to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry, which he obtained in May 2020, at the start of the pandemic. After graduation, he applied to ADDL for the post of toxicology technician. Due to delays related to the pandemic, several months passed before he was hired in February 2021. Jacob said he enjoys being a toxicology technician because the variety of diagnostic case workloads provide flexibility and prevent things to become monotonous. According to Jacob, the toxicology section is also very tight-knit, so there is a lot of communication and opportunities for non-diagnostic work, including research and test development.

“I really appreciate the analytical chemistry work in the toxicology section and some additional research opportunities shared with me by my supervisors,” Jacob said. “Dr. Christina Wilson-Frank and Dr. Stephen Hooser really engaged and encouraged me in my pursuit of graduate studies at Purdue. He applied for a PhD program in biochemistry.

Jacob works on a bench laying in ADDL
Jacob Seay enjoys working as a technician in the toxicology section of the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.

Regarding his involvement with CSSAC, Jacob explained that the term personal encompasses a wide variety of jobs. “So being on the committee shows how such a diverse group is keeping Purdue alive,” he said. Jacob sits on the CSSAC Academic Relations Subcommittee. In this role, he is involved in presenting information and coordinating meetings with support staff across campus to share the purpose of CSSAC and provide resources. Jacob is also participating in a task force for the University’s Shared Governance Task Force, which will synthesize the information produced by a number of task forces into a proposal to be presented to the Purdue Board of Directors in April 2022. Jacob said the hope is to increase representation and communication on campus and create a governance model for Purdue University that provides a voice for faculty, students and staff.

Outside of his Purdue responsibilities, Jacob said his closest family are his aunt and uncle, and two cousins ​​who are like brothers to him. He lives with his two-year-old partner, Juliauna, and they recently adopted a cat to keep them company. Jacob’s favorite hobbies are cooking and woodworking. His partner is also a freelance artist; together they paint or draw for a relaxing night or weekend.

About the Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee

The Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee (CSSAC) was established in 1965 to serve as a means of representative participation for the office and service staff at Purdue University. The group makes recommendations to the Vice President of Human Resources, who is then responsible for planning and recommending policies regarding human resources and benefits.

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