• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Board Approves Salary Scales for Manheim Central Support Staff | Community News

When: Meeting of the special school council of Manheim Central, December 20.

What happened: Board members approved revisions to support staff salary scales.

why it matters: Chief Commercial Officer Bryan Howett said higher pay rates were needed to help retain staff and attract new hires.

Fund: Howett reported that low pay was cited as a reason for leaving a position on several exit interview forms. In addition, daycare and catering services are regularly understaffed. Regarding new hires, Howett said research shows that many local retailers, restaurants and distributors have increased their rates in response to the job market; District salary increases are necessary to compete in today’s market. Howett said sources for developing the new pay scales include the Lancaster House 2021 Salary Survey and information from the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 study of school districts in the two counties.

Details: Howett said that with the new system, each job type is assigned a pay grade based on market data, and each pay grade has a minimum, maximum, and midpoint. The experience and years of service of a staff member are also taken into account in the remuneration system. For new recruits, comparable experience in corporate positions will also be considered. The minimum starting rate for support staff will increase from $9.96 to $13.75 per hour. Examples of wage increases include an increase in the minimum hourly rate from $10.72 to $14.63 per hour for part-time catering staff and an increase from $12.86 to $15.89 for a helper. -full-time teacher.

Quotable“It’s an aggressive change, but we think it’s warranted,” Howett said. “Our frontline staff, such as caretakers and teaching assistants, as well as teachers, have overcome a number of challenges, including improving sanitation and moving to online learning during the last year and a half. They really should get a COVID raise,” said school board member Rob Iosue.

And after: The increases are retroactive to December 13. Staff members will see the increases with the first salary in January 2022.