• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

Biden hasn’t lost that loyal support group…yet

ByJulie J. Helfer

Jun 23, 2022

President Joe Biden deals with a new Beltway game – how low can his polls go?

The unpopular president cannot explain soaring gas prices, record inflation and an economy on the verge of recession.

And the poll numbers prove it.

Even worse? The mainstream media, arguably Biden’s biggest ally over the past two years, is suddenly asking him questions that don’t involve his favorite ice cream flavors. The “Joe must go” narrative is written in real time.

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Biden is also faltering with his voting base.

The current Hispanic poll numbers will keep the Biden team awake at night, no doubt. Still, a stronghold Biden has his back. They haven’t given up on the 79-year-old leader and show few signs of changing course.

For now, at least.

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Late night hosts like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers still have the heart of Uncle Joe. They ignore his blunders, gloss over his pathetic poll numbers and, when targeting Biden, serve up soft jokes about “old age” that lack bite.

It’s been that way since Biden re-announced his presidential ambitions in 2019.

Even Bill Maher, the only late-night host tearing up progressive woke culture, pulls his punches when Biden’s name pops up. Here’s Maher defending Biden as recently as January.

“The harsh reality is that even when Joe does something good, he doesn’t seem to get credit. Our economy is actually pretty impressive considering what we just went through. Wages are up, workers have more weight, we avoided a recession. Stocks just had their best year since 1995.”

Maher has scorched Biden over the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, but generally avoids poking fun at the current commander-in-chief.

Biden joined “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” earlier this month, the president’s first “interview” with the press in ages. The result? A car crash of a conversation, with Kimmel bailing out Biden with a word salad response by cutting to an ad.

Biden will then visit “The Late Late Show” via a recorded episode (phew!) with host James Corden.

Biden will participate in a Take A Break segment — arguably Corden’s highest profile for this skit — when the late-night host replaces the president’s aide and leads a press conference for former press secretary Jen. PSAKI, among other important functions.

The January 6 hearings gave Colbert et co. lots of material that doesn’t verify Biden’s name. The far-left hosts ignore lukewarm ratings for every new “non-partisan” audience, doubling down on innuendo and anything Trump-related.

It’s as if the 2020 presidential election never happened. They must miss the Trump years, a time when the “Gutfeld!” from Fox News began. didn’t clean most of their clocks.

This comedic love story may not last forever.

The “Biden must go” whispers from inside the Democratic seat are only going to get louder. A recession is approaching, gas prices will stay high indefinitely, and the Biden team has no idea how to fight inflation.

That, plus a potential red wave that could wreck Democrats’ plans for 2022-24, suggests late night will be left all alone in Biden’s corner.

And when the progressive powers that be decide, en masse, that Biden must leave for the sake of the party, the late-night hosts will adopt their “truth to power” mantra.

Biden might be less willing to grace late-night canapes at this point.

After all, the late-night hosts are now a de facto wing of the Democratic Party. And they will do as said when the time comes.