• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

Approved increases for teachers, support staff and administrators of Oceanside Unified

OCEANSIDE – Members of the Oceanside Unified School District Board of Directors approved a 3.75% increase and $ 1,500 all-level bonus for teachers, support staff and administrative staff during the its October 12 meeting.

Most of the increases, which are retroactive to July 1, have been unanimously approved by school board members. The increase for administrative staff was approved by a 4-1 vote, with vice-chairman Eric Joyce opposed.

Joyce said he has already decided not to support administrative staff salary increases, noting that he meant no ill will and that he always appreciates the work staff have done throughout the pandemic. .

“Our budget is still in crisis,” Joyce said. “I would not support increasing administrative salaries unless our budget was in order. “

Board clerk Raquel Alvarez previously agreed with Joyce’s sentiments, but changed her mind after recent discussions with staff.

“We have to go and see the work that has been done when others are not,” Alvarez said. “Our administrators stepped in when others weren’t, and as difficult as it was at a time when no one else wanted it.”

Alvarez also apologized to any staff member she had previously offended.

Board chair Stacy Begin also shared her strong support for increases in administrative staff.

“Everything has been on the bridge,” Begin said. “Our directors did triple coverage when we couldn’t find employees. “

A handful of district residents spoke out against the approved pay increases, including Todd Maddison, who noted the district’s growing deficit over the next three years as well as the need to cut its budget.

“They are once again offering another additional multi-million dollar raise for themselves,” Maddison said. “Ten million dollars in the current year, more in the future.”

Maddison also drew attention to a letter to OUSD Superintendent Julie Vitale of the San Diego County Office of Education sent on the same day as the meeting, which states that the office has received the district collective agreements and notes that their tax impacts would be $ 9.5 million for the current school year, an additional $ 6.4 million next year and $ 6.9 million for the 2023-2024 school year.

The letter warns that approval of these agreements “would exacerbate the district’s structural deficit” and that the district must make continued budget cuts of at least $ 5 million for the next fiscal year in order to meet the minimum reserve requirement. by 3%. By 2023-2024, the district will need to make additional budget cuts of $ 25 million.

“Our office has serious concerns about the district’s ability to reduce unallocated general fund spending to the extent necessary to meet the district’s financial obligations during the multi-year projection period,” Assistant Superintendent Michael Simonson wrote in his letter. at Vitale.

The district is to submit a detailed plan to the county by Dec. 15 outlining how it will maintain its required reserve levels in fiscal years 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.

The council also approved two new types of positions for the district: a supervising teacher and advisor / coordinator position to support the independent study program, designed for students who choose not to attend school in a setting. traditional.

The advisor / coordinator will develop the course of study for each high school student enrolled in the program, and the supervising teacher will support students who meet independent study requirements to complete the course.